Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream Review

by Ernie Ayres on February 5, 2013

I first tasted Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream at the Best Brands Holiday Trade show last September. Because there were so many other products that I tasted that day, I wasn’t able to really appreciate any one product. However, I liked it enough to know that I wanted to do a full review. Well, now is later and time to get this moving. On to the Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream review!

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream bottleAs I mentioned in my write up of the Best Brands Holiday Trade Show, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream is the only cream liqueur currently on the market that uses bourbon solely. Most others use a heavy proportion of vodka, including the usual favorite, Bailey’s Irish Cream. Initially, I wanted to do a head to head review against Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream since they use Tennessee Whiskey as the sole alcohol, but they are just too different to compare.

A quick history lesson: Buffalo Trace is distilled and bottled in Frankfurt, Kentucky where whiskey has been made since before 1773. Talk about having some history! If you look at the names of some of the owners of the distillery through the years, it looks like a liquor store’s bourbon shelf. Blanton, E.H. Taylor, George T. Stagg, and the list goes on. Definitely a lot of heritage and tradition at that distillery. **POST UPDATE** I have been told that while Buffalo Trace Bourbon is distilled and bottled in KY, Bourbon Cream is actually mixed and bottled in New York.

Back to the review. The bottle has a neat, low bell shape and dark glass. The label is very similar to the label on a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon; it looks as though the bottle has been peeled away to reveal the label. Very well done. I’ve always liked the B.T. Bourbon bottle so I was glad to see that they extended that over to the Bourbon Cream as well. The pour was intense. It was like pouring heavy whipping cream into a glass. The liqueur has an off-white color and is very thick.

Oddly enough, I didn’t get a lot of anything. There was a little vanilla and a very faint cream aroma but that was all that I could get. A little disappointing.

At 15% ABV I wasn’t expecting a heavy alcohol taste and I was correct. This Bourbon cream has a simple taste. Heavy sweet cream, followed by vanilla, faint spice, ending with a hint of chocolate. I spent a little time rooting around for more flavors but that was all I got.

The taste leaves a film of cream all over. Once that starts to dissipate, it fades to a slight bourbon, vanilla taste which is very smooth and quite nice. About 30 seconds later I tasted almonds.Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream Label

It’s thick. I mean thick! There’s no way I could pour a glass of this with a couple of ice cubes and sit down by the fire. It’s just too thick for straight drinking. During my review I had it 1. straight 2. in a bowl of vanilla ice cream and 3. in a cup of coffee. In ice cream or in coffee it is very good…especially in the ice cream. Check out the Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable tomorrow where I will have a link to a Bourbon Cream Root Beer Float that is fantastic!

I give Buffalo Trace a 7 out of 10 Noses. Mixed in ice cream or coffee, it’s easily an 8 or maybe even an 8.5. Since my reviews are based on the straight pour I’m sticking to the 7. It’s definitely worth a try. I’ve seen a few restaurants that have mixed drinks made especially for Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream. And at $20 to $22 per 750ml, you can’t go wrong. Take a few sips and let us all know what you thought!

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