Davy Crockett’s Ole’ Coonskin Tennessee Whiskey Review

by Ernie Ayres on December 23, 2012

I mentioned in my last post that Mrs. Whiskeynose was on a “girl-cation”. What I didn’t say is that she was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. While there she picked me up a bottle of Davy Crockett’s Ole’ Coonskin Tennessee Whiskey. From what I can find on the web, the only place you can get this stuff is in Gatlinburg, TN. That’s kind of cool but a little frustrating at the same time. What if I love it and want more? maybe I shouldn’t put the cart before the horse. Let’s do this Davy Crockett’s Ole’ Coonskin Tennessee Whiskey review and see how it goes.

Davy Crockett's Ole' Coonskin Tennessee Whiskey


The specifics:
90 Proof, $32 for a .75 Liter and again, apparently only available by going to Gatlinburg. It is made in the Smoky Mountains and bottled by the Gatlinburg Barrelhouse.

The label is completely different than anything else that you will see on the whiskey shelf. The entire thing looks like it was hand draw…sot of like and old rock concert poster. Very cool. I mean…who makes a light blue label?

The color is a light golden amber. Just a shade lighter than Collier and McKeel Tennessee Whiskey.

I thought the nose was very surprising. Labeled as “Tennessee Whiskey”, that means that it should be filtered through sugar maple charcoal. However, this whiskey is a lot smokier than I ever would have expected. After the smoke, wait, is that BACON!? Smoke, then bacon, followed by a little sweet from the sugar maple. Fantastic nose! With a little water, the sweet came out more and both the smoke and the bacon toned down quite a bit. Mrs. Whiskeynose said she smelled herbs like Thyme and Oregano.

At 90 proof you might expect this whiskey to have a bite. Yeah. It does. After the alcohol wears off there was a little spice and just a hint of wood. It seems that the initial alcohol sting is so strong that it’s hard to pick up anything else. With a little water, the alcohol tones way down and I found a great smoky, woody, sweet flavor. The smoky flavor isn’t the same as a scotch. It’s more like a campfire smoke. Definitely a good pour of whiskey. The finish before the water was non existent. It was gone in about a half a second. After the water, the smoky sweet taste hangs around for quite a but longer. The smokiness is the last flavor left.

Davy Crockett’s Ole’ Coonskin Tennessee Whiskey gets a 9 out of 10 Noses! If you find yourself in Gatlinburg, definitely stop by the Gatlinburg Barrelhouse and pick up a bottle or two.

If anyone sees this in a liquor store or finds some other means to buy a bottle of this by all means let me know! I would also be interested to hear from someone else that’s tried it to get your opinion.



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