Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Review

by Ernie Ayres on February 12, 2013

Even a whiskey blogger needs to deviate from topic every once in a while. In this case, I’m looking (once again) at a beer. Not just any run of the mill beer, but Ale that has been aged in former Bourbon barrels. As soon as I saw this beer on the shelf, I knew that I wanted to do a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale review.

Kentucky-Bourbon-Barrel-Ale-4-PackI previously reviewed Innis and Gunn Oak Aged Beer and this KY Bourbon Barrel Ale is similar. However, Innis and Gunn ages their beer in new oak casks whereas this beer is aged, as previously mentioned, in ex-bourbon barrels. The charred oak and residual whiskey in the bourbon barrels gives the beer a sweeter, more complex flavor.

I’m not a fan of the the four-pack box or the label artwork. The wooden paneling make it look more like laminate flooring than actual wood. The logo looks like it is burned into a barrel head on a piece of parchment paper with burned edges and I think that looks great.

On to the nosing and tasting notes:

Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company recommends that when you drink Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, that it be poured into a Brandy Snifter as an aperitif or an after dinner drink. I think that is spot on. I can’t imagine sitting around a campfire drinking this…but after a meal, just sitting around talking, definitely. And you would miss a lot of the flavor by drinking it straight from the bottle or in a standard pint glass. I poured my sample into a goblet style glass. Think Stella Artois glass.

Again, very similar to Innis and Gunn, I got a heavy Vanilla front end, followed by charred oak, definite bourbon, and faint nutmeg spice. Mrs. KY Bourbon Barrel Ale BottleWhiskeynose said she was able to pick out a pumpkin pie aroma, but I didn’t get that…just nutmeg.

The taste is very similar to the nose. It’s creamy and very sweet. Vanilla, strong bourbon, a little spice and fading to a fruity end. Mrs. WhiskeyNose said cherries, but to me it wasn’t quite cherries but indeed some sort of sweet fruitiness.

The bulk of the flavor fades quickly but there is a long, subtle flavor of bourbon and vanilla. Again, very sweet.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale gets a 9 out of 10 Noses! This is a fantastic beer and I highly recommend it, especially if you like bourbon. From what I have seen on the interwebs this beer is a little hard to find. If you see it, snatch it up. Here in the great state of Tennessee, high alcohol content beer (high octane) must be sold in a liquor store and that’s where I procured mine at $11.99 for a four-pack. I would have paid $14.99 had that been the price. And again, keep in mind that this beer is a artisan type craft beer, specific for after dinner drinking. I have no doubt that you will enjoy this beer.

Brewed and bottled by Alltech’s Lexington Brewing Co., Lexington, Ky
8.19% ABV
Recommended to be enjoyed in a snifter as an aperitif or as an after dinner drink.

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