Review: Corsair Wry Moon Whiskey – 3.5 Noses

by Ernie Ayres on February 3, 2012

The tasters

Typically, I don’t like “moonshine” unless its mixed with 2/3 apple juice, has a stick of cinnamon and a big apple

wedge in it.  “Heavy on the apple and light on the Tini, please.”  That being the case, I thought it would be best to have some help on this review.  Oddly enough, every one I asked to help out accepted.  Hmm…free booze! Enter Corsair Wry Moon whiskey.

And of course, you can’t drink moonshine from a glass.  What would Popcorn Sutton think?!?  We used mason jars as it should be.  The notes are a mix of all five of us, not just me this time.
None of us liked the front label.  Some of the quotes were, “cartoony”, “doesn’t inspire me to look further”, “ego marketing”, and all of us said Reservoir Dogs at some point (not that its a bad thing all the time…).  What we all did like was the back label with the individual batch and bottle numbers and Darek Bell’s signature.  One of the quotes for this was “very classy with regards the hand-printed batch and bottle numbers”.  The bottle is the plain and simple tapered Corsair bottle.  The fact that the label doesn’t really fit the bottle gives it a an unprofessional feel.  I pointed out the same thing in my review of  Corsair’s Triple Smoke more than a year ago.  A couple of the quotes for the bottle: “Gives me Vertigo”, Reminds me of a 70’s lampshade”.  We almost got calipers out to see if the bottle is actually tapered or if the bottle plus the label is just an optical illusion.  After all, we were drinking moonshine so we are allowed to wander a bit.  And it is actually tapered.

It’s moonshine.  If it isn’t clear, I’m not drinking it.  It was unanimous…the color in the bottle and in the glass…clear.
The nose was slightly sweet with a hint of pear and even a vote for honeydew.  It didn’t have an overwhelming “moonshine” aroma like we were expecting.  The mash is there and you can tell its moonshine, but its almost as if moonshine grew up and decided to read a book.  And eat a pear.
Again, being prejudiced against moonshine, I wasn’t expecting this to be that good.  A couple of the quotes are: “Very spicy for the proof and sweet on the front end”, “peppery yet sweet”.  Back when I was a kid, I had moonshine made in southern Louisiana.  Apparently it was made in an old refrigerator because it tasted like I was licking that old refrigerator.  Not. Good. At. All.  This, however, was not anything like my previous experience.  Since the “official” review, I’ve had Wry Moon mixed with Coke, straight on ice, neat, and I even had a little mixed with orange juice (Is there an actual drink name for that?).  It was all very good!  I do intend on getting another bottle and making my own “Apple Pie” to see how that goes.  When I do I’ll post the results.
For the most part, even the finish was excellent!  Two of the positive quotes about the finish: “the finish was better than the initial taste”, “sweet, sweet”.  And as you know, there’s always at least one in every crowd.  The one complaint was “a rather off aftertaste…like morning mouth”.  No one else got that, but opinions are like noses, right?


Over all, Wry Moon is a good whiskey.  It’s better than “moonshine” for sure.  Corsair really did a great job improving an old product.  I’d love to see what could be done with Apple Pie Moonshine.  Hint, hint.
Corsair’s Wry Moon gets a 3.5 out of 5 Noses.

Have you already tried it? What do you think? Agree or disagree? Be sure to leave comments below!

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