Review: Lismore Single Malt

by Ernie Ayres on September 20, 2011

Lismore Single Malt Whisky – 4.5 out of 5 Noses

Lismore Single Malt review

The best contact info I could find for Lismore or for the parent company, William  Lundie & Co., was through the Whisky Portal.  Lismore Single Malt is a Speyside whisky.  They need a website, or I need to get better at using the Google.

Pretty boring.  Just a clear bottle with a simple label.  Maybe the money was spent elsewhere…hmm.

Light honey gold.  Even after a dollap of water, the color was about the same.  Lovely, lovely, inexpensive gold.

Being a Speyside, I expected the nose to be sweet and floral.  A pleasant surprise awaited me when I actually took a whiff.  While the caramel, peat,  and floral scents definitely were there, a noticeable aroma of the sea and even a little wood stands up and gets your attention and the peat was a little stronger than expected.
The body is light to medium with a slight lingering, not really a coating, like I said, a lingering on the tongue.After the aroma, I thought I knew what I was in for with the flavor.  While the taste does stay close to the aroma, an additional nutty flavor and a heavier sweetness were nice surprises.  After taking notes on the tasting, I looked at a few other reviews on teh Interwebs.  Several others said exactly what I was thinking: With a little aging, this would be a great whisky.  But then everyone agreed with the fact that for $20 per bottle ($15 in some places) that this is a great whisky.  That’swhere all the packaging money was spent!The finish is pretty quick.  If I could change one thing about this whisky, it would be that the finish last a little longer.  Not a deal breaker by any means, just me being picky.

As you can see by the picture above, this bottle is almost gone.  That’s because it has become my everyday whisky.  For the price and the taste you almost can’t beat this one.  It’s not Lagavulin or Glen Livet because it doesn’t have to be.  It is what it is.  A great, cheap single malt whisky.

I’m giving Lismore Single Malt 4.5 out of 5 noses.
Have you already tried it?  What do you think?  Agree or disagree?  Be sure to leave comments below!


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