Wheeler’s Bourbon Praline Pecans Review

by Ernie Ayres on June 11, 2012

For a change of pace I decided to review Wheeler’s Bourbon Praline Pecans. This is made by Indianola Pecan House out of Indianola, MS.

Wheeler's Bourbon Pecans Review

I grew up in southern Louisiana so I know a thing or two about pecans and pralines. When I was in grade school, my older sister would make batches upon batches of pralines for me to take to school and sell for $0.50 each. They usually sold very quickly because, let’s face it, kids love sugar! And to set the story straight, “pecan” is pronounce “puh-khan”. Click HERE for Mirriam Webster’s audio. And “praline” is prounced “praw-leen”. Again, M-W.com has the audio HERE. Any other pronunciation of either is just wrong!

Back to the review… These have a great smell once they’re out of the package. I get a strong brown sugar and bourbon aroma followed by a butter and a bit of cinnamon. It’s a pleasant, subtle  smell that isn’t over-powering. The sweetness is balanced by the buttery, nutty scent.

Since it looks to be pecan halves rolled in sugar, caramel and crushed pecans I was really looking forward to this sweet, chewy, crunchy goodness. Since I’m quite impatient I just popped the first one in my mouth and chewed. The sugar is only partly caramelized so it’s still just a tad gritty. Almost just like the smell I got a sugary, buttery, nutty flavor that wasn’t too sweet. It was just right.


The only issue that I had was that the sugar wasn’t completely caramelized so there was a slight grit when chewing it. Had I been slightly more patient with the first piece, I probably would never have noticed it.ty flavor that was quite good! If you’ve eaten a lot of pecans you know that they have an almost bitter aftertaste. These are no exception. It is a good, sweet treat that has a well balanced flavor. I kept the second in my mouth longer without chewing and it practically melted before I could chew it!

In my 2 oz. package I had 11 full pieces and a bit of crumbs. For a 5 oz. package it’s only $6.95 and I think well worth it. I would have been OK paying $5.oo for this 2 oz. box.

The nutrition information says that my 2 oz. package has 2 servings at 120 Calories each, and 60 fat calories with 15 grams of carbs. Not something you’d necessarily eat every day but something that I recommend when you’re taking a break from the ol’ diet.

I’m giving Wheeler’s Bourbon Praline Pecans 4 out of 5 Noses. The price and the quality of what you’re buying is very good and I definitely recommend it.

Have you tried these? Agree or disagree? Be sure to leave a comment below!


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