Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable No. 12

by Ernie Ayres on March 6, 2013

Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable 12

Welcome to the Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable number 12! This week we get a peek at the bottom shelf, and hear about lots of whisky getting flushed down the drain.

1. Whiskey Wednesday Review:
This week we’re getting a look at the bottom shelf. This whiskey is only $12 and according to the reviewer, isn’t that bad. Mellow Corn – Corn Whiskey. You heard me!
via SourMashManifesto

2. Interesting news story this week:
Thousands of litres of whisky were accidentally flushed down the drain at the Chivas Brothers distillery. On an unrelated note, thousands of fish were heard partying throughout Scotland for several days…
via BBC

3. Our favorite whiskey related product of the week:
You don’t have to hide your whiskey in a Stanley thermos anymore. Now, they make a cool, minimalistic flask.
via CoolMaterial

4. Recipe of the week:
Bourbon Apple Bread Pudding and Vanilla Bourbon Ice Cream, plus a cool look at the Belle Meade Bourbon family history.
via PBPickles

5. Random coolness:
Are you tired of hand soaps with names like ‘Green tea and Lemongrass’ and the like? Then what you need…what we ALL need is a brick of ManHands, Manly Scented Soap! Beer,bacon, top-soil and urinal cake…wait. Urinal cake? Ewwww…..
via Etsy

Thanks for checking out the Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable. Let us know if you have any recommendations for future links or if you have any other input on our Contact Page.

Be on the lookout for our review of the Maker’s Mark publicity stunt whiskey!

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