Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable No. 11

by Ernie Ayres on February 27, 2013

Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable 11

Welcome to the Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable No. 11. This week we’re feeling the Irish love.

1. Whiskey Wednesday Review:
Inspired by the Flogging Molly show I went to a couple of weeks ago, this week we’re taking a look at a good friend. Jameson Irish Whiskey.
via WhiskeyNose

2. Interesting news story this week:
Forget the Oscars. The Spirit Awards are where its at. According to Jameson, anyway.
via the Wall Street Journal

3. Our favorite whiskey related product of the week:
Have you ever wanted to smell like the bottom of a whiskey glass? Me too! Highly under-rated! Follow the link to fulfill your every dream. Whiskey cologne.
via Portland General Store

4. Recipe of the week:
In keeping with the Irish theme, this week we’re mixing up a Gaelic Flip.
via Liquor

5. Random coolness:
Have you ever wanted an easy way to remember the different types of whisk(e)ys in the world? Pictures usually work for me.
via Sean Seidell

If you have an idea for a review that we should do, a story that should be featured or a product that we should take a look at, be sure to contact us via the Contact page. Thank you for stopping by!

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