Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable No. 15

by Ernie Ayres on March 27, 2013

Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable 15
Welcome to the Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable. This week brings us WWRT #15 with a triple play review, a great little travel trailer, and a few other whiskey related items.

1. Whiskey Wednesday Review:
Our review this week was a competition of sorts. Three whiskeys from the bottom shelf, all under $15 each. The results were a little surprising, but not much.
via WhiskeyNose

2. Interesting news story this week:
Imagine finding a secret stash of pre-prohibition whiskey hidden in your walls. Now imagine you have a live-in caretaker that drinks said whiskey. Now, imagine the beating you would put down on that fella…
via TheSpiritsBusiness

3. Our favorite whiskey related product of the week:
The Bulleit Bourbon Tailgate Trailer is probably the coolest product we’ve featured so far. This is what happens when you combine a teardrop camper and a bar. Complete awesomeness follows you wherever you go!
via NeimanMarcus

4. Recipe of the week:
Brown Sugar Banana Parfait with Maple-Glazed Pecans made with rye whiskey instead of rum.
via BonAppetit

5. Random coolness:
Whether or not you believe that Zombies will start and/or be part of the apocalypse  it’s just better to be prepared. Okay, okay…don’t just be prepared for Zombies. Here’s the manual for anyone interested in surviving in a post apocalyptic era.
via Amazon

That’s it. Nothing more to see. Off you go. Have ideas, comments or *gasp* a criticism? Send a message via the Contact page. We’ll get back to you if you’re nice.


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