Whiskey Wednesday Roundtable No. 8

by Ernie Ayres on February 6, 2013

Whiskey Wednesday No. 8

1. Whiskey Wednesday Review:
This week we’re taking a closer look at Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream.
via WhiskeyNose

2. Interesting news story this week:
Uh oh. Apparently it is illegal to sell counterfeit Whisky!
via Scotsman

3. Our favorite whiskey related product of the week:
I have always wanted a way to show off my favorite whiskey. This is how you do just that!
via Amazon

4. Recipe of the week:
In honor of the review for the week here is a great sounding Bourbon Cream Root Beer Float!
via loveandoliveoil.com

5. Random coolness:
Have you ever had cold-brewed coffee? If not, you really should. It’s extremely smooth.
via Slingshot

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